bike made in France



Goodbye the chain which derailed or the wheel which bursts! We want to please you when you ride on your Cycles Costin city bike ! We have minimized maintenance, so you can enjoy your Cycles Costin bike in any circumstances ! No need to be a mechanic or an engineer, Cycles Costin bike is very easy to use.


Comfort & Elegance

Cycles Costin  city bikes have been designed for urban dwellers. They are very comfortable thanks to their straight driving position and their saddle amortissante. We have chosen a classic design with modern technologies to offer you a magnificent contemporary product.


Fair price

We do our best to offer you the lowest price possible on our city bikes made in France. We reduced the number of intermediaries during the design process; and as young digital entrepreneurs, we use the online sale and the showrooms to promote our bikes.


Made in France

We are proud to produce our city bikes in France and to promote a local activity; more than 70 people work at manufacturing and assembling Cycles Costing bike before they arrive in your hands



At Cycles Costin we believe that a bike should not be a simple purchase but an investment over the long term. Our city bikes are designed to be strong and tough to withstand by using quality materials. Cycles Costin bikes are made to last !


Happiness & health

The brand Cycles Costin is your remedy for the traffic and your antidote in the overloaded subways. Having a beautiful city bike Cycles Costin bike it is also a synonym of good health: 1 kilometer in Cycles Costin, it is approximately 50 calories flying away. Never forget that 99,9 % of the cyclists say they are happier!

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