The word “costin” comes from the latin "Constans, Constantis" who means "Unwavering", "Solid". The definition of the word " Costin " corresponds to ours values: durability and resistance.

city bike made in france

The renewal of the bicycle made in France

In France, when you say bicycle, you think Tour de France with Raymond Poulidor, but also songs like Yves Montand, his bicycle and his Paulette, or even films with Jacques Tati and his pipe.

Since 1861, France is the nation of bicycle, internationally recognized for their knowledge, we can offer a full quality production and a great reliability on our bikes Cycles Costin.

Every bike Cycles Costin will be produced in Vendée. ''Cocorico'' like the french coq would say !

Our goal

The brand Cycles Costin is born from a common passion: the bike. In several cities of the world the bike is very widely used by the city dwellers. In France, its use was very wide-spread but the practice of the bike decreased for the benefit of public transportation and cars. We want to rediscover the bicycle !

bike paris france
bicycle paris france

Antoine, the founder of Cycles Costin

The founder is Antoine, he is 27 years old and a very big passion: the bike! After cycling over 5000 kilometers across France and South America, the idea to produce the perfect city bike came. From there came his plan to produce a city bike with low maintenance, affordable and resistant, all made in France. After one year of work, the brand Cycles Costin was born.

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